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  • Cinnamonroll Moon LED Light

    Cinnamonroll Moon LED Light

    SPECIFICATIONS 🌙 Overview: The Moon LED Light brings the celestial beauty of the moon into your living space. Whether you’re creating a cozy ambiance or adding a touch of wonder to your room, this enchanting lamp delivers soothing illumination. 🔮 Versatility: Night Light: Place it on your bedside table for a gentle glow during the night. Decorative Accent: Add a touch of magic to your living room, nursery, or study. Gift Idea: Surprise someone with this unique moon-inspired lamp. Illuminate your world with the Moon LED Light – a celestial masterpiece! 🌠  

  • Internal Sculpture 3D Table Lamp

    Internal Sculpture 3D Table Lamp

    SPECIFICATIONS Internal Sculpture 3D Night Light 🌟 Enchanting Experience: Our 3D Internal Night Light combines the beauty of the moon with. It also features an adorable unicorn and the Little Prince, creating a magical atmosphere. 🌈 Key Features: Charming Decoration: The moon and unicorn design is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or meditation spaces. Night Light Function: Ideal for both children and adults seeking a serene ambiance.

    $37.99 - $38.99

  • Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall Incense Burner

    Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall Incense Burner

    SPECIFICATIONS Incense Holder Waterfall: A Soothing and Aesthetic Experience The Incense Holder Waterfall, also known as a backflow burner, offers a unique and mesmerizing way to enjoy incense. Here’s what you need to know: 🌟 How It Works: The incense waterfall features a holder with a special incense cone. When you light the cone, the smoke flows downwards, creating a beautiful waterfall effect. As the smoke descends, it purifies the air and promotes a sense of calmness.   Use: Smell Removing/Dehumidification Material: Polyresin Production: Candle Aromatherapy Furnace Type: Aroma Burner

  • Mini Home Portable Vacuum Cleaner

    Snap2Buy Mini Home Portable Vacuum Cleaner

    3 reviews

    Product information: Material: ABS Type: Car mini vacuum cleaner Rated speed: 28000 (r/min) Rated voltage: 12 (V) Rated input power: 120 (W) Main scope of application: automotive, household Vacuum suction: 55 (mbar) Color classification: A: Black upgrade unlimited 5500PA, B: Black upgrade unlimited 5500PA+ storage bag, C: Black upgrade unlimited 5500PA+ storage bag + filter, D: Black upgrade wireless 5500PA English packaging

  • Ceramic Candlestick Holders

    Snap2Buy Ceramic Candlestick Holder

    5 reviews

    Introducing our Aroma Burner Essential Oil Ceramic Candlestick Holder – the perfect fusion of elegance and functionality. Crafted with precision, this candle holder is designed to enhance your space with a touch of sophistication while embracing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Made from high-quality ceramic, the holder exudes a timeless charm that complements any decor style. Its dual-purpose design allows you to enjoy the warm glow of a candle while harnessing the aromatic allure of essential oils. Simply place a tea light in the designated slot, and let the flickering flame create a cozy ambiance. SPECIFICATIONS Use: Home Decoration Type: Candlestick Holder Style: Modern Style Material: Ceramic Matching Candle: Column Candle/Ball Candle Handmade: No Function: Matching Block Candle Candle Included: no

  • Window Groove Cleaner

    Snap2Buy Creative Window Groove Cleaning Cloth

    Introducing our Creative Window Groove Cleaning Cloth, a versatile and innovative tool designed for efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach spaces in your windows. Crafted with a unique design, it effortlessly navigates grooves, corners, and edges, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. Made from high-quality microfiber, it effectively captures and removes dust and grime, leaving windows spotless. With a slim and flexible profile, this cloth is ideal for various surfaces around your home. Elevate your window cleaning routine with this creative solution, saying goodbye to hard-to-reach dirt for crystal-clear windows. SPECIFICATIONS Usage: Household Cleaning Type: Other Style: Hand Material: Plastic Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked

  • Multi-function Cleaning Brush With Rod

    Snap2Buy Multi-function Cleaning Brush With Rod

    Our Multi-function Cleaning Brush with Rod is the ultimate cleaning tool. Versatile and durable, it tackles various cleaning tasks with ease. Extendable rod for hard-to-reach areas. Simplify your cleaning routine today! SPECIFICATIONS item 3: Car Cleaning Brush item 2: Mosquito Window Screen Brush item: Window Screen Cleaning Brush Usage: Window Style: Hand Material: Plastic Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked

    $24.99 - $32.99

  • Cake Decorating Kit

    Snap2Buy Deluxe Cake Decorating Kit

    5 reviews

    Introducing the Deluxe Cake Decorating Kit, a comprehensive set designed to enhance your cake decorating skills. Crafted with precision, this kit includes professional-grade piping tips, fondant tools, and icing accessories for endless creative possibilities. Suitable for both seasoned bakers and beginners, the high-quality materials ensure durability and ease of use. Create professional-looking details, textures, and designs on your cakes, perfect for special occasions or adding elegance to your desserts. Elevate your baking experience with the Deluxe Cake Decorating Kit and unleash your creativity! SPECIFICATIONS Type: Cake Tools Material: Stainless Steel Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly Certification: CE / EU,CIQ Cake Tools Type: Decorating Tip Sets


  • Plastic Food Wrap

    Snap2Buy 200PCS Disposable Plastic Food Cover

    Introducing the OIMG HLY201, a premium pack featuring 200 transparent, disposable food covers that revolutionize food storage and preservation. Directly sourced from Mainland China, these PE (polyethylene) covers are not only durable but also highly flexible, providing unparalleled convenience in your kitchen. Experience the ultimate combination of plastic wrap adaptability and the secure fit of elastic food lids with our OIMG Disposable Food Covers. Tailored to fit seamlessly over fruit bowls, kitchen storage containers, and picnic baskets, these covers are designed for versatility. The transparent material ensures easy identification of contents, streamlining your food storage for maximum efficiency. A kitchen essential, these disposable covers are perfect for preserving leftovers, shielding food from dust and bacteria, and maintaining optimal freshness. Whether you're marinating meats, covering rising dough, or simply keeping your food crisp, these covers have you covered. Say goodbye to food odors and unnecessary waste, as the OIMG HLY201 Disposable Food Covers offer an eco-friendly solution for your household. Suitable for homes, restaurants, catering services, or any setting prioritizing hygiene and food safety, these covers are a valuable addition to your kitchen essentials. Elevate your daily cooking routine and effortlessly manage large gatherings or events with the OIMG HLY201 Disposable Food Covers – the ultimate companion for your kitchen. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your kitchen experience – order now and discover the ease and efficiency of the OIMG HLY201 Disposable Food Covers, your kitchen's new best friend. SPECIFICATIONS Qty: 100/200PCS Model Number: HLY201 Material: PE Disposable Food Cover: Food Cover Plastic Color: Transparent

    $6.99 - $9.99

  • Bottle Cleaning Brush

    Snap2Buy 3 in 1- Cleaning Cup Brush

    Introducing the BOUSSAC Veggie-Magic Cleaning Brush, a cutting-edge three-in-one cleaning tool that redefines the art of dishwashing with its unique design and top-notch functionality. This eco-conscious gem is not just a utility item; it's a statement of your commitment to practicality and environmental well-being. Crafted from durable TPR material, our cleaning brush is a powerhouse against stubborn stains and grime while treating your cups and dishes with the utmost care. The vibrant interplay of red and green colors not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also ensures you won't overlook it in your kitchen. Designed with your comfort in mind, the hand-friendly shape of this brush ensures a firm grip and precise control, turning the mundane task of dishwashing into a breeze. Its versatility extends beyond cups, making it your go-to tool for various dishes and utensils. Elevate your kitchen cleaning game with the BOUSSAC Veggie-Magic Cleaning Brush – where practicality meets environmental consciousness in a way that's sure to bring joy to your daily routine. SPECIFICATIONS Usage: Cup Style: Hand Product category: Three-in-one radish Cup brush Name: Cleaning Brush in Carrot Shape Material: TPR Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked Feature: Multi-Functional Cup Washing Brush Color: Green,orange

  • Scale Measuring Spoon

    Snap2Buy Scale Measuring Spoon

    Introducing our convenient and versatile 5/10PCS with Scale Measuring Spoon set, designed to revolutionize your cooking and baking experience. These innovative kitchen tools combine the functionality of measuring spoons with the precision of a built-in scale, making it easier than ever to achieve accurate measurements for your recipes. SPECIFICATIONS Number of Pcs: 5Pc/Set Material: Plastic Feature: Set

    $6.99 - $9.99

  • Silicone Cup Brush Cup Scrubber Glass Cleaner

    Snap2Buy Silicone Cup Brush Cup Scrubber Glass Cleaner

    Clean cups and glassware effortlessly with our Silicone Cup Brush. Gentle on surfaces, durable, and easy to clean. Order now for spotless results! SPECIFICATIONS Use 2: Efficient Deep Cleaning Use: Flexible Type: Specialty Tools Name: Cleaning Brush Model Number: Silicone cup brush with long handle Material: Plastic Feature: Eco-Friendly

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