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  • Memory Foam Chair Armrest Pads

    Snap2Buy Memory Foam Chair Armrest Pads

    1PC Memory Foam Chair Armrest Pads Black Grey Computer Chair Armrest Cushion Relief Elbows Forearm Pressure Pad For Home Offiice Introducing the ODN Memory Foam Chair Armrest Pads, an essential addition to your home or office setup designed to alleviate arm and elbow strain while working. These luxurious armrest pads are the ideal blend of style and comfort, crafted with care in Mainland China.The pads are not customized, making them versatile and suited to fit a wide range of office and home chairs. With a sleek plain dyed pattern and a subtle blend of black and grey shades, these armrest pads will blend seamlessly into any decor style, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your workspace.Made from a superior blend of polyester and cotton, these armrest pads are incredibly durable and designed for long-lasting use. The superior material selection ensures they maintain their form, providing you with constant support.At the heart of these pads is the high-density memory foam that contours to the shape of your arm and elbow. This innovative feature reduces pressure points, provides cushioned support, and relieves forearm pressure for ultimate comfort throughout the day.Our armrest pads also serve as chair covers, providing an extra layer of protection for your chair's armrests against daily wear and tear. The smooth fabric feels great to touch and is easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.Whether you're typing away on your computer, taking a break to enjoy a book, or simply resting, these chair armrest pads from ODN will help you stay comfortable and focused. Experience the perfect balance of style and function with these practical, stylish chair cushion accessories in your home or office today.   SPECIFICATIONS: is_customized: No feature 4: Chair cushion feature 3: armrest for chair feature 2: Cover for chair feature 1: Cover chair Use: Arm Chair Style: Plain Pattern: Plain Dyed Material: Polyester / Cotton Brand Name: ODN Please note that the package contains one armrest pad, perfect for a single armrest. If you need pads for both armrests of your chair, please consider ordering two units.

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  • Mouse Dual-mode Charging Wireless Mouse

    Snap2Buy Mouse Dual-mode Charging Wireless Mouse

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    Product information: Model: Mouse Type: wireless mouse Mouse size: Ordinary mouse (100-120mm) Connection with computer: wireless bluetooth Applicable models: laptop Photoelectric resolution: 1000dpi (dpi) Number of keys: 4 (keys) Interface: Bluetooth usb Wireless transmission frequency: 2.4GHz Adjustable resolution: four gears Operating distance: 5 (m) Working method: photoelectric Wheel direction: four-way wheel Features: Ultra-thin colour: Single-mode black, single-mode white, single-mode yellow, single-mode pink, single-mode light green, single-mode purple, single-mode Qingshandai, single-mode sky blue, dual-mode white, dual-mode yellow, dual-mode pink, dual-mode light green , Dual-mode purple, dual-mode Qingshandai, dual-mode black, dual-mode sky blue, ten-inch keyboard black, ten-inch keyboard white, ten-inch keyboard powder, ten-inch keyboard yellow, ten-inch keyboard light green, ten-inch keyboard purple, ten Inch keyboard Qingshan Dai, ten-inch keyboard dark green, black keyboard and mouse cover, white keyboard and mouse cover, pink keyboard and mouse cover, yellow keyboard and mouse cover, light green keyboard and mouse cover, purple keyboard and mouse cover, Qingshan Dai keyboard and mouse cover

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